Pierrick Sorin, La Bataille des tartes, 1994, Installation vidéo, 1’30". © Pierrick Sorin / adagp, Paris. Photo © Pratdesaba Pere.
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Through short narratives, sketches where he is the only actor, and self-filmed series, Pierrick Sorin stages everyday failures, from clumsiness to slips of the tongue and parapraxes. Pierrick Sorin demonstrates the desire for renewal doubled with the tragic impossibility of such renewal; this is underscored by looped screenings, which, through their systematic and irreversible aspect, seem to leave no way out. The tragedy of everyday disasters quickly turns into a comedy often born from the discrepancy between the real and the imaginary, the past and the present moment.

Created for the Fondation Cartier, Bataille des Tartes, a variation on a classic silent film gag, rapidly turns tragic and unbearable. Cultivating the ambivalence of each situation, Pierrick Sorin constantly drags the viewer into a back-and-forth between energy and lethargy, comedy and tragedy.

Artistes et contributeurs de l’exposition :
  • Pierrick Sorin

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Pierrick Sorin, La Bataille des tartes, 1994, Installation vidéo, 1’30"


© Pierrick Sorin / adagp, Paris

. Photo

© Pratdesaba Pere