Les Voix de la Vallée

Simon Nicaise and Alexandre d’Aboville

From fermentation to artistic creation, where do the similarities lie?

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About the night class

As part of the exhibition The Valley by Fabrice Hyber, the Fondation Cartier invites Simon Nicaise, artist and co-founder of *Duuu Radio, and Alexandre d’Aboville, cider and calvados producer. Within the exhibition spaces, the two guest speakers discuss the hypotheses proposed by Fabrice Hyber in his paintings before a live audience.

Over the course of this evening, taking inspiration from Hyber’s works like Impossible – 100 pommes 1000 cerises, De fil en aiguille, Sans titre, and Digest, they will discuss their experiences in the transformation of raw materials, particularly by techniques like brewing, fermentation, and distillation. “From fermentation to artistic creation, where do the similarities lie?”

This live discussion will be broadcast simultaneously on the websites of the Fondation Cartier and *Duuu Radio, and in the form of podcasts via the main platforms.

With the participation of:

  • Picture © Simon Nicaise.
    Simon Nicaise

    A student at the fine art school of Rouen, from which he graduated in 2008, Simon Nicaise has forged a career punctuated by numerous monographic and collective exhibitions in Europe. He has also been the recipient of several awards. The co-founder of an artist-run-space and radio, he aims to find new methods of showcasing the work of his contemporaries, with a program and artistic practice centered on the tireless exploration of ways to make the arts accessible. In 2018, Simon Nicaise initiated a Tour de France inspired by the concept of a mobile network of artisans, drawing on a wide range of skills from city to city, and extending the fields of his own practice in consequence. He went on to found the Pain Liquide brewery installed in his studio. In 2021, he won the Pierre Giquel Prize with *Duuu Radio—which he co-founded—for its commitment to contemporary creation.

  • Picture © Maud d'Aboville.
    Alexandre d’Aboville

    Alexandre d’Aboville is a Franco-Austrian farmer. After eight years in New York, where he worked in finance and contemporary art, he took over the family farm producing wheat, flax, and cider apples, and their transformation into cider and calvados, in Bessin (Normandy). He is concerned with the issues relating to the management of agricultural spaces today. By discovering other sites and practices (permaculture at Le Bec-Hellouin in France and Krameterhof in Austria, and collaborations with a winegrower and shaman friend), he is laying the groundwork for a progressive departure from the use of phytochemicals and towards a greater respect for the ecosystem.

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Thursdays at 7pm.
Estimated duration: 1 hour.
Discussions in French.
Free seating within the limit of available spaces.
Access to the classroom where the evening class is held upon presentation of the exhibition ticket.
This ticket includes access to the evening class on the date chosen when booking, as well as entry to the exhibition that same day from 5pm.
The evening classes are broadcast live on the websites of the Fondation Cartier and *Duuu Radio, before being made available in the form of podcasts.
Latecomers will not be allowed access to the event so as not to disturb the speakers or interfere with the audio recording. We thank the audience in advance for their punctuality.

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