Families and Young Visitors Activities

The Fondation Cartier offers different activities for children: workshops, walking tours of the garden and its secrets, and family visits.

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Children’s workshops

Andean house fronts

6 - 12 yo

During this unique workshop in the presence of Bolivian architect Freddy Mamani, children decorate the facades created by the artist, precut in cardboard. Using glitter, plaster moldings, wood,... Read more

Our Families and Young Visitors activities

Children’s workshops

As part of each exhibition, the Fondation Cartier offers original workshops led by artists and practitioners for children aged 6 to 13 years.

Secrets of the garden

The Fondation Cartier invites families on a walking tour of the garden to discover its flora and fauna with a biodiversity specialist.

Family tours

The Fondation Cartier offers families fun-filled visits of the exhibition in the company of a guide. Following the guided tour, visitors are free to spend more time exploring the exhibition at their own pace.

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