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The exhibition Southern Geometries, from Mexico to Patagonia celebrates the wealth of color and diversity of styles in the geometric art of Latin America, bringing together 250 artworks made by over 70 artists from the Pre-Columbian period to present. Including modernist abstract art, sculpture and...

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The use of ethnographic material alongside contemporary art is becoming a more commonplace exhibition (and auction) strategy. Here, the curators have integrated ceramics and textiles with drawings, sculptures and ethnographic photography. While all of these materials underscore the dynamism of geometry, the greatest achievement is underscoring the affinities between everyday (and ceremonial) use of geometries in the canons of indigenous and contemporary architecture and art.

Families and Young Visitors

Next Young Visitors activities

The Fondation Cartier offers families fun-filled visits of the exhibition in the company of a guide. Following the guided tour, visitors are free to spend more time exploring the exhibition at their own pace.

Families and Young Visitors • Throwback

Photos of the workshop "A pattern within a pattern"

In this workshop, children learnt the technique of silkscreen printing using stencils, squeegees and multicolored inks.

Night of Uncertainty • Throwback

Night of Geometry

Presented within the context of the exhibition Southern Geometries, from Mexico to Patagonia, this latest Night of Uncertainty brought together the mathematician Cédric Villani and the Argentine writer Alberto Manguel for a conversation about the theme of geometry.

Nomadic Night • Throwback

Andean festival

In the salón de eventos designed by Bolivian architect Freddy Mamani, la Chola Paceña—women from the indigenous Aymara community from La Paz and El Alto—model traditional clothing, bearing witness to their history and celebrating their culture.