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The Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain is pleased to announce the largest exhibition to date dedicated to the work of Claudia Andujar. For over five decades, she has devoted her life to photographing and protecting the Yanomami, one of Brazil’s largest indigenous group.

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Through Claudia Andujar’s art, this show tells the story of a collective struggle that succeeded in protecting the Yanomami people from being exterminated because of a system based on economic greed. I am afraid to say that history is repeating itself with Covid 19, which is moving quickly into Yanomami lands, and the failure of the Brazilian government to act. If nothing is done, another major humanitarian disaster will take place here.

Thyago Nogueira, curator (Instituto Moreira Salles - Brazil)

From July 7

The guided visits are back!

Every tuesday at 7pm and wednesday to sunday at 6pm, discover the exhibition Claudia Andujar, The Yanomami Struggle with a cultural guide.

Booking only available on site, one hour at least before the beginning of the visit. Free guided visit upon presentation of the exhibition ticket, in the limit of the available slots.

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The film Gyuri by Mariana Lacerda

As the duration of each visit cannot exceed 2 hours, the film Gyuri by Mariana Lacerda (47 minutes), is now available online until the end of the exhibition.

Entretien avec Davi Kopenawa Yanomami

Interview with Dario Kopenawa Yanomami

Mini-site dedicated to Claudia Andujar

A dive into Claudia Andujar's history and career

The website claudia-andujar.fondationcartier.com unfolds the universe of Brazilian photographer Claudia Andujar and reveals her commitment to the defense of the Yanomami Indians' rights. Combining original recordings, photographs, and videos, this website offers a singular narrative experience in three chapters, retracing the artist’s history and career.

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The Night of the Yanomami

Night of Uncertainty

Watch "The Night of the Yanomami", available now in video


Meeting the Yanomami with Claudia Andujar

As part of the exhibition, the Fondation Cartier has joined forces with the editorial team of Les Inrockuptibles to create and produce a series of original podcasts. In the form of personal interviews, journalist Ingrid Luquet-Gad invites you to meet the artist, Claudia Andujar.


Claudia Andujar, The Yanomami Struggle

Further enhancing the exhibition, the Fondation Cartier publishes a catalog presenting the artist’s photography, as well as excerpts from her notebooks. It also includes texts by Claudia Andujar, Thyago Nogueira—exhibition curator—and Bruce Albert, an anthropologist who spent time living with the Yanomami, as well as a map of Yanomami territory and a chronology that documents both the artist’s commitment to their cause and the history of one of the last tribes of the Amazon rainforest.