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To go through this unprecedented situation together, the Fondation Cartier invites you to discover or rediscover its series, podcasts, articles, and unreleased contents. These original contents give the artists, philosophers or scientists a voice, while enabling them—like Claudia Andujar—to broaden our vison of art and the world. They are available on our digital platforms.

The young Susi Korihana thëri swimming, Catrimani, Roraima, 1972–74. Collection of the artist © Claudia Andujar.

Mini-site dedicated to Claudia Andujar

A dive into Claudia Andujar's history and career

During the closure of the Fondation Cartier, the website unfolds the universe of Brazilian photographer Claudia Andujar and reveals her commitment to the defense of the Yanomami Indians' rights. Combining original recordings, photographs, and videos, this website offers a singular narrative experience in three chapters, retracing the artist’s history and career.

The Night of the Yanomami

Night of Uncertainty

Watch "The Night of the Yanomami", available now in video


Meeting the Yanomami with Claudia Andujar

As part of the exhibition, the Fondation Cartier has joined forces with the editorial team of Les Inrockuptibles to create and produce a series of original podcasts. In the form of personal interviews, journalist Ingrid Luquet-Gad invites you to meet the artist, Claudia Andujar.

New publication

Claudia Andujar, The Yanomami Struggle

Further enhancing the exhibition, the Fondation Cartier publishes a catalog presenting the artist’s photography, as well as excerpts from her notebooks. It also includes texts by Claudia Andujar, Thyago Nogueira—exhibition curator—and Bruce Albert, an anthropologist who spent time living with the Yanomami, as well as a map of Yanomami territory and a chronology that documents both the artist’s commitment to their cause and the history of one of the last tribes of the Amazon rainforest.

The work presented as part of The Yanomami Struggle provides both an unparalleled glimpse into the complex cosmological worldview of the Yanomami and a powerful political indictment of the violence perpetrated against them.

Valérie Stepanova - V Magazine

Exclusive content

Throughout the week, Bernie Krause and the Fondation Cartier offer you to listen to extracts from the seven soundscapes composing the sound installation The Great Animal Orchestra

For over 40 years, American musician and bioacoustician Bernie Krause has collected almost 5,000 hours of sound recordings of natural habitats, inhabited by almost 15,000 animal species. His research offers a wonderful immersion into the sound universe of wildlife, increasingly reduced to silence by the din of human activity. Invited by the Fondation Cartier in 2016, he created the sound installation The Great Animal Orchestra, in collaboration with London-based collective United Visual Artists, that is now part of the collection of the Fondation Cartier.

This is the tuning of the great animal orchestra, a revelation of the acoustic harmony of the wild, the planet’s deeply connected expression of natural sounds and rhythm. It is the baseline for what we hear in today’s remaining wild places, and it is likely that the origins of every piece of music we enjoy and word we speak come, at some point, from this collective voice. At one time there was no other acoustic inspiration.

Bernie Krause

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The Great Animal Orchestra: the website

In 2016, the Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain presented the exhibition The Great Animal Orchestra, inspired by the work of American musician and bio-acoustician Bernie Krause. The website "The Great Animal Orchestra," conceived for the exhibition and dedicated to the work of Bernie Krause, allows you to become the conductor of nature’s vast musical ensemble.

Fondation Cartier and Triennale Milano: a groundbreaking cultural partnership

Postponement of the opening exhibition Les Citoyens. Uno sguardo di Guillermo Kuitca sulla collezione della Fondation Cartier

In view of the current situation regarding the spread of the COVID-19, the Fondation Cartier and Triennale Milano have decided to postpone the exhibition Les Citoyens. Uno sguardo di Guillermo Kuitca sulla collezione della Fondation Cartier. The opening at Triennale, initially scheduled for April 11, 2020, will be held later this year, on a date to be announced.