Performing arts calendar

Find the calendar for Nomadic Nights and Nights of Uncertainty here.

  • Nomadic Night

    Chassol Big Sun


    From his journeys in the footsteps of his Martinican ancestors, the pianist and composer Christophe Chassol has brought back images and sounds and has created Big Sun: 27 tracks in a sound odyssey through the Caribbean that has us simply enthralled.

  • Nomadic Night

    Tony Oursler Eclipse

    Installation in the garden

    When night falls, come and see Tony Oursler’s Lost Garden, a place between the known and the unimaginable, where utopic dreams still live on.

  • Night of Uncertainty

    The Infinite Interview led by Hans Ulrich Obrist

    Night of Uncertainty

    Hans Ulrich Obrist continues his series of Entretiens Infinis [Infinite Interviews] at the Fondation Cartier, leading a discussion marathon during which he talks with artists from the exhibition Trees.

  • Nomadic Night

    Emanuele Coccia et Christine Rebet Breathe in-Breathe out

    Animated film, drawing show and reading performance

    The philosopher Emanuele Coccia has invited the artist Christine Rebet who has created on this occasion, Breathe in-Breathe out, an animated film with colorful images where we follow the spiritual path of a monk in the mountains. Narrator for a night, Emanuele Coccia contributes his thoughts to a collective consideration of the politics of the living world.