Performing arts calendar

Find the calendar for Nomadic Nights and Nights of Uncertainty here.

  • Nomadic Night

    Freddy Mamani, Ana Palza and la Chola Paceña Andean festival

    Fashion show and Bolivian music

    In the salón de eventos designed by Bolivian architect Freddy Mamani, la Chola Paceña—women from the indigenous Aymara community from La Paz and El Alto—model traditional clothing, bearing witness to their history and celebrating their culture.

  • Night of Uncertainty

    L’Entretien Infini led by Hans Ulrich Obrist

    with Fernando Allen, Solano Benítez and Gloria Cabral, Fredi Casco, Ticio Escobar, Flix, Freddy Mamani, César Paternosto, Luiz Zerbini…

  • Nomadic Night

    Guillermo Sequera Relatos Míticos

    Listening, lectures and conversation

    Paraguayan anthropologist and ethnomusicologist Guillermo Sequera shares the fascinating research he has carried out over his career: rare recordings of popular Guaraní songs and myths recounting the origin of the world, illustrated by artists and shamans Ógwa and Wylky Dohôrata. An evening that explores humanity’s collective history.

  • Nomadic Night

    Anne Pastor, Sur le fil de la dualité andine - Émilie Rousset, Rencontre avec Pierre Pica - Benjamin Verdonck, one more thing A collective Nomadic Night

    Sound creation / Theater / Object Theater

    Anne Pastor, Sur le fil de la dualité andin Journalist Anne Pastor takes us to an island in the middle of Lake Titicaca where one man explores the symbols on Indian tapestries and weavings. Émilie Rousset, Rencontre avec Pierre Pica Linguist Pierre Pica talks with stage director Émilie Rousset about the flexible mathematic and geometrical system used by the Munduruku Indians of the Amazon. Benjamin Verdonck, one more thing Artist Benjamin Verdonck creates an abstract, graphic fantasy by pulling the strings of a mobile and musical image box.

  • Nomadic Night

    Patricia Allio Autoportrait à ma grand-mère


    “Fortunately someone thought of taking photos, otherwise we’d have seen nothing.” This is what Patricia Allio’s Breton grandmother tells her when she loses her memory. She becomes a dazzling mirror for the author. The portrait becomes a self-portrait. What remains of our ties when memory fades?