Performing arts calendar

Find the calendar for Nomadic Nights and Nights of Uncertainty here.

  • Nomadic Night

    Anne Pastor + Émilie Rousset + Benjamin Verdonck

    A collective Nomadic Night

    - Anne Pastor, Sur le fil de la dualité andine - Émilie Rousset, Rencontre avec Pierre Pica - Benjamin Verdonck, one more thing

  • Nomadic Night

    Patricia Allio Autoportrait à ma grand-mère


    “Fortunately someone thought of taking photos, otherwise we’d have seen nothing.” This is what Patricia Allio’s Breton grandmother tells her when she loses her memory. She becomes a dazzling mirror for the author. The portrait becomes a self-portrait. What remains of our ties when memory fades?

  • Nomadic Night

    Paz Encina Memorias de Eami

    Immersive installation followed by a talk with the director

    “The forest is growing dark because the Ayoreo no longer live there.” Paraguayan director Paz Encina transports viewers to the heart of the Eami [the forest], in the footsteps of the Ayoreo, an ancestral indigenous community who have been forced to leave their territory.

  • Night of Uncertainty

    Night of Geometry with mathematician Cédric Villani and Argentine writer Alberto Manguel…

    Presented within the context of the exhibition Southern Geometries, from Mexico to Patagonia, this latest Night of Uncertainty brings together artists, scientists, and philosophers in a discussion led by Cédric Villani.

  • Nomadic Night

    Ellie Ga Les Éolithes


    From the chalk plateau of Kent to the plains of Patagonia, artist Ellie Ga conducts a poetic exploration of the controversial history of eoliths, these “human stones” that mark the beginning of civilization.