Performing arts calendar

Find the calendar for Nomadic Nights and Nights of Uncertainty here.

  • Night of Uncertainty

    The Night of the Cloud, hosted by Cédric Villani

    In 2014, Junya Ishigami imagined the House of Peace for the city of Copenhagen, an immense building in the shape of a cloud resting on the water, designed as a symbol of peace. The cloud—this floating, suspended mass, formed from small drops of water of variable forms—is a recurring motif in the architect’s work. It is the starting point for this Night of Uncertainty that brings together artists, scientists, and philosophers in a discussion led by Cédric Villani.

  • Nomadic Night

    The Imperfect Sea Penguin Cafe + ÎLOT

    Concert, first French date

    As part of their world tour, the multi-instrumentalist collective Penguin Cafe set up their ukuleles and prepared pianos in the garden of the Fondation Cartier. The orchestra, of variable dimensions and members - that notably performs with musicians of Suede, Gorillaz or Razorlight - combines classical music and pop culture, allowing a joyous and vibrant fusion of different genres, ranging from folk to electro.