Performing arts calendar

Find the calendar for Nomadic Nights and Nights of Uncertainty here.

  • Nomadic Night

    Arty Farty European Lab, Metamorphoses

    Radio Lab

    The association Arty Farty, which organizes the festival Nuits Sonores and the European Lab Forum—discussion forums on the creative transformations and democratic innovations in Europe—is setting up its Radio Lab in the heart of the exhibition, and inviting a new generation of European thinkers, artists, and entrepreneurs to a debate on the theme of “Metamorphoses.”

  • Nomadic Night

    Lina Lapelyte Candy Shop


    Artist Lina Lapelyte borrows the title of a dirty rap hit by 50 Cent for her performance-opera Candy Shop. Transforming the original hip-hop texts, 7 female singers invite the spectator to a collective meditation on power hierarchies, narrating the story about beauty, gender, and the mundane.

  • Nomadic Night

    Niño de Elche Antología del cante flamenco heterodoxo


    A “punk” to purists, a “vocal virtuoso” to his aficionados, the magnificently inspired singer Niño de Elche experiments with, rather than revisits, flamenco. With his musician compañeros, “the man who bombarded flamenco,” according to El País, presents HIS anthology of the genre.

  • Nomadic Night


    Dance, video, music

    Continuing its exploration of the rebellion of bodies, the (LA)HORDE collective takes the audience on a voyage of discovery during an exceptional late-night opening, where the jumpers of their successful production TO DA BONE take over the Fondation Cartier’s exhibition spaces and garden.

  • Night of Uncertainty

    L'Entretien Infini, led by Hans Ulrich Obrist

    Night of Uncertainty

    Hans Ulrich Obrist continues his Entretiens Infinis [Infinite Interviews] at the Fondation Cartier, leading a debate marathon during which he talks with the exhibition’s artists.

  • Nomadic Night

    Immersion – Video game journal Other Worlds

    Video game room

    Immersion is the first French print journal to consider the video game as a cultural phenomenon and a creative discipline. In a video game room set up in the heart of the exhibition, the audience—composed of both experts and amateurs—is invited to explore the creative diversity of video games alongside young European developers.

  • Nomadic Night

    Action Hero Oh Europa

    Live Radion

    For over six months, James Stenhouse and Gemma Paintin of the Action Hero collective travelled 32,000 kilometers across 33 countries in Europe, in their equipped motorhome to record love songs performed by the people they met. The collective sets up RadiOh Europa at the core of the exhibition: a radio station broadcasting these global hits and traditional melodies from all over the continent.

  • Nomadic Night

    Saudaá Group Orgue-Paysage


    Alexis Paul (Saudaá Group) and his barrel organ lead a nomadic and poetic adventure, aimed at discovering popular compositions and repertoires from around the world. With Orgue-Paysage he extends European territory all the way to the Caucasus by bringing together the Armenian duduk, Georgian polyphonies, Irish bagpipes, and Hungarian a cappella, for an evening mixing folk songs and laments.

  • Nomadic Night

    Rita Pauls et Ant Hampton Mouth Piece (Mund-Stück)


    Over the course of a week, artists Rita Pauls and Ant Hampton hitchhiked across Germany to learn German, a language neither speaks. They asked each person they met the same question: “In your opinion, what should be said?” Mouth Piece captures and expresses these silences and words, reflecting beliefs, aspirations, and exasperations.

  • Nomadic Night

    Aloïse Sauvage So nothing never ends


    A revelation of the Transmusicales de Rennes 2018, the young rap artist Aloïse Sauvage takes over the Fondation Cartier garden with her consuming passion, her wild energy, and a few surprise guests for an incandescent performance.

  • Nomadic Night

    Meriem Bennani Avatar Idol

    Virtual dance battle

    Digitalomaniac artist Meriem Bennani has conceived Avatar Idol, a live virtual dance battle incorporating motion capture. Cheered on by a host from the future and under the watchful eyes of a jury, six freestyle dancers activate their digital avatar, accompanied by music. An offbeat tribute to globalized popular culture.