The staff


  • President

    Alain-Dominique Perrin
  • Alain Dominique Perrin's External Relations Manager

    Carole Arsan

General Direction

  • Artistic managing director

    Hervé Chandès
  • External Relations Manager

    Pauline Duclos
  • Executive Assistant

    Bérengère Landron
  • Director of Curatorial Affairs

    Béatrice Grenier
  • Artistic managing deputy director

    Isabelle Gaudefroy

Artistic Direction

  • Artistic managing deputy director

    Isabelle Gaudefroy
  • Executive Officer to the Director of Programming and Artistic Projects

    Marie Dayan


  • Senior Curator

    Leanne Sacramone
  • Curator

    Marie Perennes
    Juliette Lecorne


  • Exhibitions Production Manager

    Camille Chenet
  • Exhibitions Technical Coordinator

    Vincent Lecerf
  • Exhibitions Production Coordinator

    Beatriz Forti

Nomadic Nights

  • Nomadic Nights Manager

    Mélanie Alves de Sousa
  • Nomadic Nights Production Coordinator

    Xavière Graton
  • Nomadic Nights Production Assistant

    Elsa Brunel Masson


  • Director of Publications

    Adeline Pelletier
  • Editor

    Pierre-Édouard Couton
  • Publishing Coordinator

    Cécile Provost
    Bérengère Gouttefarde
  • Publishing Assistant

    Flore Langlade


  • Director of Collections

    Grazia Quaroni
  • Cultural Projects and Events Coordinator

    Monica Paganelli
  • Curator

    Michela Alessandrini
    Sandra Adam-Couralet
  • Curatorial Assistant to the Collections

    Margot Morey

Communication, Publics and Development

  • Communication Development and Public program Director

    Naïa Sore
  • Executive Officer to the Director of Communications and Development

    Mathilde Gleyo

Internal Communications

  • Internal communication and VIP treatment Manager

    Johanne Legris

Editorial Communications

  • Editorial Communications Manager

    Jessica Chèze
  • Editorial Communications Coordinator

    Justine Gautier
    Justine Coppeaux

Press Service

  • Press Manager

    Matthieu Simonnet
  • Press Officer

    Sophie Lawani-Wesley

Partnerships, Public Relations and CRM

  • Partnerships/ Public relations/ CRM Manager

    Christel Bortoli


  • Digital Manager

    Ana Gluschankof
  • Digital project coordinator

    Johanna Musch
  • Digital Communication Coordinator

    Solène Dupont-Delestraint
    Valentin Guérin

General Public and Bookstore

  • Public Relations and Bookshop Manager

    Vanja Merhar
  • Public Relations and Ticket Office Coordinator

    Marcel Badan
  • Public Relations Coordinator

    Aline Feldbrugge
  • General Public coordinator

    Mariangela De Toni

Financial Direction

  • Administrative and Financial Director

    Caroline Valentin
  • Administrative and Financial Manager

    Hélène Dunner
  • Organizational Development Director

    Bénédicte Jarosz
  • Human Resources Manager

    Céline Riou
  • Administrative Assistant

    Aurore Guilbaud
  • Accounting and Payroll Manager

    Alain Courteau
  • Director of technical and architectural affairs

    Philippe Lê

Registrar Department (Temporary Exhibitions and Collection)

  • Head of the Registrar Department

    Veerle Dobbeleir
  • Registrar

    Fiona Alliel
    Paola Sisterna
    Elise Ventura
    Alexandre Bagnod
  • Technic registrar

    Bertrand Stevenel
  • Collection Documentalist

    Pauline Dech
  • Gardener

    Metin Sivri