Les Voix de la Vallée

Laure Saint-Raymond and Olivier Cadiot

Poetry and mathematics: from the verse to the equation, is there such a thing as a logical or mathematical poetics?

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About the night class

As part of the exhibition The Valley, the Fondation Cartier invites Laure Saint-Raymond, mathematician, and Olivier Cadiot, writer, to participate in the Voices of the Valley evening class series. Within the exhibition spaces, the guest speakers discuss the hypotheses proposed by Fabrice Hyber in his paintings before a live audience.

Over the course of this evening, taking inspiration from Hyber’s works like 16422, Clef, and Reconstitué, Laure Saint-Raymond and Olivier Cadiot will merge their respective disciplines in an effort to explore the infinite possibilities of language. From grammatical rules to mathematical laws, as well as formal and digital constraints, they will discuss the theme of poetry and mathematics, and whether a form of logical or mathematical poetics actually exists.

This live discussion will be broadcast simultaneously on the websites of the Fondation Cartier and *Duuu Radio, and in the form of podcasts via the main platforms.

With the participation of:

  • Picture © H. Bamberger - P.O.L.
    Olivier Cadiot

    Olivier Cadiot is a writer, playwright, and translator. He has published a dozen books with P.O.L Editions: books of poetry, a series of novels featuring the same character in Futur, ancien, fugitif (1993), and Médecine générale (2021). He is also the author of a literary history: Histoire de la littérature récente (two volumes 2016/2017). His work has been adapted several times for the theater, for which he has also written. He collaborates with musicians and musical groups on a regular basis. He participated in The New Translation of the Bible (2001), and has also translated Gertrude Stein, Ibsen, and Shakespeare. In 2010, he was the guest artist of the Avignon Festival, along with Christoph Marthaler. In 2023, he published Irréparable, as well as a re-edition of his first work, L’Art poétic’ (1988).

  • Picture © CNRS.
    Laure Saint-Raymond

    Laure Saint-Raymond is currently professor at the Institut des Hautes Études Scientifiques. She is also the director of the Institut des mathématiques de la Planète Terre since 2021. Her research focuses mainly on the dynamics of gases and fluids. Working with various collaborators, she has made fundamental contributions to Hilbert’s sixth problem concerning the axiomatization of mechanics, one of the twenty-three problems proposed by David Hilbert at the 1900 International Mathematical Congress, which have not yet been solved. The objective is to show that the models describing a fluid at different scales are mutually compatible. Her work also examines ocean currents: for example, she studies the influence of rotation and stratification on wave propagation, and boundary layer phenomena. Her work has earned her recognition both in France and abroad. She was elected a member of the Académie des Sciences in 2013, where, since that time, she has regularly participated in think tanks, notably on the topic of the transmission of knowledge.

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Thursdays at 7pm.
Estimated duration: 1 hour.
Discussions in French.
Free seating within the limit of available spaces.
Access to the classroom where the evening class is held upon presentation of the exhibition ticket.
This ticket includes access to the evening class on the date chosen when booking, as well as entry to the exhibition that same day from 5pm.
The evening classes are broadcast live on the websites of the Fondation Cartier and *Duuu Radio, before being made available in the form of podcasts.
Latecomers will not be allowed access to the event so as not to disturb the speakers or interfere with the audio recording. We thank the audience in advance for their punctuality.

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