Voices of the Valley

A proposal by Fabrice Hyber, produced by the Fondation Cartier, and made in collaboration with *Duuu Radio.

The Fondation Cartier and Fabrice Hyber are presenting a series of evening classes, Voices of the Valley, every Thursday from 7pm to 8pm, within the spaces of the exhibition. Taught in pairs by experts in their own fields, these dialogues—between a chef and a gardener, an athlete and a philosopher, a climatologist and a writer, etc.—are the opportunity to test the hypotheses advanced by the artist in his works, and to reflect on the richness of Fabrice Hyber’s artistic process.

Voices of the Valley are broadcast live on the websites of the Fondation Cartier and *Duuu Radio, and also in the form of podcasts available via the main platforms.

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Les Voix de la Vallée

Cyril Bonan and Laure Soulier

As part of the exhibition The Valley by Fabrice Hyber, the Fondation Cartier invites Cyril Bonan, lawyer, and Laure Soulier, lecturer and researcher with the Institute of Intelligent Systems and... Read more

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