Bruno Novelli, No caminho, 2021. Acrylique sur toile, 188 x 184 cm. Collection José Olympio Pereira. Picture Photo © Samuel Esteves.


Les Vivants (Living Worlds)

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For this exhibition, and to complete your visit in situ, the Fondation Cartier selected videos dedicated to the artists and their artworks.

QR codes are available throughout the exhibition. By flashing them, you will be able to follow Bruno Novelli’s creative process, learn more about the struggle of one of the last great Amazonian communities: the Yanomami, or understand the influence of nature on the work of visual artist Fabrice Hyber.
It is also an opportunity for the Fondation Cartier to pay tribute to the painter and indigenous rights activist Jaider Esbell.
All of these videos produced by the Fondation Cartier document, explore, and question the major ecological issues of our time, including the place and role of mankind in the living world.