View of the building, drawings of Beaurin-Domercq, Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain, Paris, 1994. © Jean Nouvel / Adagp, Paris. Picture © Patrick Gries.

Exhibition overview

The exhibition Coïncidences presents a choice of fourteen artists engaged in grappling with reality and who testify to the extraordinary dynamics of creation. 
All are deeply committed artists whose works occupy a free space in which each of us can create his own fiction, making new speculation possible. Far from being representative of the French scene, this exhibition testifies to the sheer range and complexity of artistic practices, and raises the question of the relevance of Art.

Artists and contributors of the exhibition:
  • Judith Bartolani,
  • Claude Caillol,
  • Pierre Bismuth,
  • Michel Blazy,
  • Jean-Baptiste Bruant,
  • François Curlet,
  • Éric Duyckaerts,
  • Richard Fauguet,
  • Éric Hattan,
  • Pierre Huyghe,
  • Didier Marcel,
  • Hugues Reip,
  • Franck Scurti,
  • Xavier Veilhan