Picture © Ashish Shah.

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Born in Mumbai, India, in 1965, Bijoy Jain studied architecture in the United States, at Washington University in St. Louis. Between 1989 and 1995, he developed his architectural practice in Los Angeles, in Richard Maier’s model workshop, making models for the Getty Museum, while studying under Studio Works founder Robert Mangurian. He also worked in London before returning to India in 1995. That same year he created Studio Mumbai, staffed by skilled craftsmen, technicians, and draughtsmen, who design and build each project themselves. The studio is a space for research, in which creation is based in an iterative process, where ideas are explored through the production of scale models, objects, material studies, and drawings.

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Studio Mumbai’s architecture shows a deep concern for the relationship between humanity and nature, and reflects the importance of a place’s spirit, its genius loci. Each of the studio’s creations, whether furniture or architecture, is founded in water, air, and light. The projects are developed considering the location in which they are established, mindful of the climate and seasons, and draw on traditional and ancestral skills, materials and local construction techniques. The studio places importance on economy of means, stemming from limited resources and places the human at the center of every project undertaken.