Nomadic Night

François Chaignaud and Marie-Pierre Brébant

Symphonia Harmoniæ Cælestium Revelationum

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Location: Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain, view access map
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We are particularly happy to be able to reschedule this Nomadic Night initially programmed for November 5 and 6, 2020 and which had been canceled due to the health situation linked to the COVID-19 virus.

Conception and performance: François Chaignaud and Marie-Pierre Brébant

Based on the music of Hildegarde de Bingen (1098-1179)

François Chaignaud and Marie-Pierre Brébant pay tribute to Hildegarde de Bingen—a medieval mystical abbess, composer and scholar—in a bewitching sensual recital that is both musical and physical.

In the 12th century, on the banks of the Rhine, inspired by powerful visions, Abbess Hildegarde de Bingen imagined an unwavering cosmic link between Man and the universe, which she transcribed in works illustrated with striking illuminations and complex musical compositions. Fascinated, dancer François Chaignaud and musician Marie-Pierre Brébant have reappropriated these “Celestial Harmonies” in Symphonia Harmoniæ Cælestium Revelationum: an enchanting piece for body, voice and bandura (a traditional Ukrainian instrument, similar to the lyre or the harp).

With their hair swept back, tattooed bodies and naked torsos, François Chaignaud and Marie-Pierre Brébant preside, sculpture-like, in position. She, bandura in hand resonating like a magical invocation, and he, borrowing gestures from sacred and contemporary dance. The audience sits and lies languidly around them, in the semi-darkness, listening and watching the performance unfold. This piece is a gamble for the duo who interpret these secret, meditative and loving songs by heart. Songs that contain all the joys and sorrows of life in a 12th-century cloistered female community. A ruby red sky, aromatic gardens, crystal-bright dew, and voices filled with fire and the sun foster a dialogue with the sacred spirit of a world that is both animist and magical. Time seems to stand still, to stretch or to reel. Symphonia Harmoniæ Cælestium Revelationum is a contemplative experience, a piece for meditation, dreams, sleep or love.

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Estimated duration: 2h15.

Doors open at 7:30pm.

Seated places, in respect of the current sanitary measures.

The Nomadic Nights events begin at the time indicated: latecomers will only be allowed entry if this does not disturb the performance.

The exhibition Damien Hirst. Cherry Blossoms is not open to the public during the Nomadic Nights events.

In compliance with the current sanitary measures, lockers cannot be used.


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