Tadanori Yokoo, Fondation Cartier – The Inhabitants

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35.00 €

Publication Kokushokankokai Inc., Tokyo

French / English bilingual version

Hardback, 28,6 × 23 cm, 168 pages
124 color reproductions

Foreword by Hervé Chandès
Text by Hélène Kelmachter

ISBN: 978-4-336-06333-5

Publication: July 2019

About the publication

Playing on styles from different eras, Tadanori Yokoo has developed a singular language that adopts graphic elements from classic Japanese culture and Western references alike. In 2014, eight years after his first exhibition at the Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain, he was entrusted with the creation of a series of portraits of the artists, thinkers, and scientists who marked the history of the Fondation Cartier. During three months, Tadanori Yokoo dedicated himself to the realization of these portraits, creating one painting a day, sometimes two, or even three. In 2018, new portraits of personalities close to the Fondation Cartier were added to this series of 133 portraits, reaching 124 paintings. This book gathers together all these portraits, each one in a unique style and adapted to the subject, revealing the talent and great liberty of interpretation of Tadanori Yokoo.