Panamarenko La Grande Exposition des soucoupes volantes

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Publication Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain, Paris

French version only

Hardback, 22 × 28 cm, 112 pages, 92 color reproductions

Texts by Véronique Baton, Nicolas Bourriaud, Michel Onfray, Hans Theys

ISBN: 978-2-74271-803-0

Publication: April 1998

About the publication

Ever since he was a student at the Fine Arts Academy in Antwerp, Panamarenko has experimented with all kinds of materials and created fun objects where the utopia of modern times prevails. For the Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain in 1998 he presented a set of extravagant machines, airships, submarines, and flying machines, most of which actually worked.
Accompanied by texts written by the philosopher Michel Onfray and the art critics Hans Theys and Nicolas Bourriaud, the catalog of La Grande exposition des soucoupes volantes reveals the deeply original work of this handyman artist who, in his quest for an ideal of functional harmony, manages to bring about the poetic symbiosis between man and machine.