Thirty Years for Contemporary Art: Box Set

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Publication Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain, Paris

French and English versions

Volumes 1 and 2 gathered in a box set, 23 × 30 × 7 cm

Volume 1: Interviews with Alain Dominique Perrin, Marie-Claude Beaud, Jean de Loisy, Jean Nouvel, Hervé Chandès
Volume 2: Texts by Bruce Albert, Jean-Pierre Bourguignon, Michel Cassé, Fei Dawei, Régis Durand, Ticio Escobar, André Magnin, Robert Storr, Cédric Villani

ISBN: 978-2-86925-114-4

Publication: October 2014

About the publication

In 2014, for its thirtieth anniversary, the Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain published a box set of two lavishly illustrated books recounting its history through its most significant values: boldness, avid curiosity, and commitment to the artists.
The first volume reflects the unique character of this place of creation and encounters, which was the first to support artists and offer a program open to all fields of contemporary thinking. Featuring interviews with the major figures of the Fondation Cartier’s history, this book traces back thirty years of exhibitions and outstanding events. It also highlights the many facets of the glass and steel building on Boulevard Raspail, ever changing with time, with the seasons and in relation to the exhibitions it houses. This incredibly flexible space is an eternal source of inspiration for the artists whom it welcomes.
The second volume relays the voices of important figures who are close to the Fondation Cartier—artists, advisors, art critics, friends— and who have shaped the history of the institution. Bringing together 2,000 archival images, amongst which many unpublished photographs and rare documents (sketches of exhibition set design, personal archives of artists), this book offers a chronological journey throughout the exhibitions, performances, and main events that took place since the creation of the Fondation Cartier in 1984.