J’en rêve

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Publication Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain, Paris

Bilingual English / French version

Softback, 22 × 28 cm, 264 pages, 300 color reproductions

ISBN: 978-2-74275-776-3

Publication: June 2005

About the publication

Organized in 2005, the exhibition J’en rêve brought together 58 artists, photographers, painters, and video-makers, mostly under the age of twenty-five, discovered by prestigious artists asked by the Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain to propose them. Most were students or recent graduates whose works were not yet circulating in the contemporary art networks. A self-portrayal of young artists and the state of young creation, J’en rêve presents a generation raised on and thinking of the world in images.

The exhibition catalog compiles the works of these young artists presented at the Fondation Cartier and prolongs the special founding moment when creation breeds self-construction, when inventing your life and becoming an artist fulfill the same aspiration.