Press release

Siamo Foresta

Specially conceived for Triennale Milano, linked to the territory and in continuation of a long-term dialogue initiated by the Fondation Cartier over 20 years ago, this exhibition is an unprecedented experience of exchanges and encounters between artists, thinkers, and ardent defenders of the forest, on both sides of the Atlantic. All of them voice a fundamental esthetic and political message on the necessity of rethinking our place in the living world.

Focusing on artists from Latin America, We Are Forest will present amongst others the works of Jaider Esbell (Macuxi, Brazil), Cleiber Bane (Huni Kuin, Brazil), Floriberta Femin, Angelica Klassen, Esteban Klassen, Marcos Ortiz (Chaco, Paraguay), Sheroanawe Hakiihiwë, Joseca Mokahesi, and Ehuana Yaira (Yanomami, Venezuela and Brazil), Johanna Calle (Colombia), Alex Cerveny, Bruno Novelli, Santidio Pereira, Solange Pessoa, Adriana Varejao, and Luiz Zerbini (Brazil).