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Podcasts Claudia Andujar, The Yanomami Struggle

As part of the exhibition, the Fondation Cartier has joined forces with the editorial team of Les Inrockuptibles to create and produce a series of original podcasts.

In the form of personal interviews, journalist Ingrid Luquet-Gad invites you to meet:

– the artist, Claudia Andujar

– the exhibition curator, Thyago Nogueira

– the spokesperson for the Yanomami Indians, Davi Kopenawa

Episode 1/3 - Claudia Andujar

The photographer and activist Claudia Andujar is our guest for this first episode. Born in 1931 in Switzerland, her first encounter with the Yanomami Indians in 1971 changed her life forever. One of the largest indigenous tribes in the Amazonian forest, the Yanomami live on the border between Brazil and Venezuela. Claudia Andujar tells us about her life, her commitment, her hopes, and her fear. She goes back over her meeting with the Yanomami - when they still enjoyed a preserved way of life -, the spread of epidemics within the community and the brutal slaughters that occurred later on, and how that last painful episode is revived today in the wake of the election of the current Brazilian President.

Episode 2/3 - Thyago Nogueira

Brazilian curator Thyago Nogueira is our second guest for this episode. Head of the contemporary photography department at Instituto Moreira Salles in Brasil, Thyago Nogueira was in charge of the largest exhibition to date devoted to Claudia Andujar's work. At Fondation Cartier, he is the co-curator of the second iteration of the show, adapted to its presentation in a new space. He examines with us the changing reception in Brazil of a unclassifiable work, overflowing by its innovative nature the usual categorizations of photojournalism or ethnographic reportage, as a continued attempt to translate the inner worlds and singularity of its subjects.

Episode 3/3 - Davi Kopenawa

Chief chaman and international spokesperson of the Yanomami people Davi Kopenawa is our last guest for this episode part of a series of three podcasts. Born in 1956, met Claudia Andujar as he was still young. He would become a prime witness of the disastrous consequences brought about by the opening of the Amazonian forest starting in the mid-1970s, which became prey to the trade interests of non-Indigenous people lured by the immense riches of the Yanomami land. Protected by the government, they went on to deforest, plunder and slaughter on a land that till then was enjoying a self-sufficient life in harmony with fauna and flora. Since then, Davi Kopenawa has been traveling throughout the planet to help raise awareness to his people's fate, as he accepted to do with us as well.

To support the international touring of the exhibition, each podcast is also available in English.

The serie is available on, and on podcasts hosting platforms (Apple podcast, Soundcloud, Spotify, Deezer).

Meeting the Yanomami