Nomadic Night

Rodolphe Burger The Song of Songs & Homage to Mahmoud Darwish

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A sound poem by Rodolphe Burger

With Rodolphe Burger (guitar, vocals), Yves Dormoy (electro, clarinet), Mehdi Haddab (oud), Julien Perraudeau (bass, keyboard), Ruth Rosenthal (vocals) and the voice of Adel Koudaih (vocals)

French translation of the "Song of Songs" by Olivier Cadiot with the collaboration of Michel Berder, La Bible – Nouvelle Traduction, Bayard, 2001 – Mahmoud Darwish, French translation of "The Pigeons Fly" by Elias Sanbar, Éditions Actes Sud, 1996.

Twenty years ago, Rodolphe Burger set Olivier Cadiot’s new translation of the "Song of Songs" to music for the wedding of his friends, Alain Bashung and Chloë Mons. In 2010, he revived this project, bringing the sacred Old Testament text together with the poem "The Pigeons Fly" by the great Palestinian poet Mahmoud Darwish, who considered the "Song of Songs" as one of the greatest love texts of all time.

This performance is a mirroring of two intense, melodious, subversive and tender love songs in a single heady, three-voiced love song (French rocker Rodolphe Burger, Israeli singer Ruth Rosenthal and Lebanese rapper Rayess Bek), in which amorous languages (Arabic, French and Hebrew) intertwine with electric guitar and oud. Writings and cultures are reconciled, staving off prejudice, in this magnetic and enchanting ode to love and peace.