Nomadic Night

[Canceled] Mostra Amerindia: spotlight on indigenous cinema with Ailton Krenak, Vincent Carelli and directors from a variety of Brazilian indigenous communities

From Tuesday 28 April 2020 to Thursday 30 April 2020

Location: At the Fondation Cartier + off-site with the Centre national du cinéma et de l’image animée (CNC), View access map

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Screenings, debates

At the Fondation Cartier + off-site with the Centre national du cinéma et de l’image animée (CNC)

Ailton Krenak is a member of the Krenak people from the banks of the Rio Doce (southeastern Brazil) and a historic figure of indigenous resistance. In 1987, he won over the Brazilian Constituent Assembly with an unforgettable speech, his face streaked with black jenipapo paint in protest against the failure of the struggle for the rights of indigenous communities. Since then, he has been recognized as one of the world’s leading indigenous leaders and thinkers.

Vincent Carelli is a filmmaker and founder of the Brazilian association Vídeo nas Aldeias [Videos in Villages], a film school for indigenous communities. Together, they have co-programmed two exceptional evenings of screenings dedicated to indigenous cinema, in the presence of their directors, on April 29 and 30 at the CNC (off-site venue at number 291, boulevard Raspail, 75014 Paris).

Opening night on April 28 at the Fondation Cartier, in collaboration with Éditions Dehors, publishers of Idées pour retarder la fin du monde, by Ailton Krenak (publication date May 7).


Tuesday 28 April, at the Fondation Cartier

  • 8pm - 9:30pm: Mostra Amerindia opening
  • 9:30pm - 10pm: Book signing of Idées pour retarder la fin du monde

Wednesday 29 April, at CNC

→ Salle 1

  • 6:00pm - 7:20pm : Yãmiyhex, as mulheres-espíritos, Sueli and Isael Maxakali - Documentary
  • 8:00pm - 9:30pm: O Último sonho, Alberto Álvares Guarani - Documentary + Tekoha - O som da terra, Rodrigo Arajeju and Valdelice Veron - Experimental documentary
  • 9:30pm - 10:15pm: Discussion

→ Salle 2

  • 7:00pm - 9:pm: Virou Brasil, Coletivo Awa Guajá - Documentary + Guardiões da Floresta, Jocy and Milson Guajajara - Documentary

Thursday 30 april, at CNC

→ Salle 1

  • 6pm - 7pm: A todo povo de luta, Coletivo de vídeo Tenondé Porã - Video clip + Ava Yvy Verá – A terra do povo do raio, Genito Gomes, Valmir Gonçalves Cabreira, Jhonn Nara Gomes, Jhonatan Gomes, Edina Ximenez, Dulcídio Gomes, Sarah Brites, Joilson Brites - Documentary
  • 8pm - 9:15pm: Amne Adji Papere Mba – Carta Kisêdjê para o RIO + 20, Kamikia Kisedje - Video manifesto + Já me transformei em imagem, Zezinho Yube Hunikuin - Documentary
  • 9:30pm - 10:15pm: Discussion

Detailed program, with details of guests and booking information to be released on March 27.

A Nomad Night produced by the Fondation Cartier pour l'art contemporain in partnership with the Centre national du cinéma et de l’image animée.