Nomadic Night



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Dance, video, music


Continuing its exploration of the rebellion of bodies, the (LA) HORDE collective takes the audience on a voyage of discovery during an exceptional late-night opening by invading the exhibition spaces and the garden of the Fondation Cartier with the performers of three of their key-pieces.

Throughout the evening, the jumpers of their successful production TO DA BONE will meet the cloud chasers, performers of their eponymous film, and the kissers, performers we could discover kissing a limo in THE MASTER'S TOOLS, a large-scale performative installation of the Nuit Blanche 2017.

This unprecedented meeting of their different worlds is an invitation to explore different forms of insurrection of bodies by gesture, from the calmest to the most nervous. KEEP CALM AND LISTEN TO HARDSTYLE.


Mathieu Douay aka Magii'x, Camille Dubé Bouchard aka Dubz, László Holoda aka Leslee, Thomas Hongre aka ToPa, Kevin Martinelli aka MrCovin, Viktor Pershko aka Belir, Edgar Scassa aka Edx, Michal Adam Zybura aka Zyto (jumpers)

Bianca O'Brien, Maud Escudie (kissers)

Stéphane Lagorce (cloud chaser)

Makeda Monnet (lyric singer)

Boe Strummer (DJ)

Choregraphy: (LA) HORDE (Marine Brutti / Jonathan Debrouwer / Arthur Harel)

Production: Clémence Sormani

Artistic assistant: Lily Sato

Copyright: © Edouard Caupeil