Nomadic Night

Arty Farty European Lab, Metamorphoses


Location: Fondation Cartier, View access map

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Radio Lab + concert

The association Arty Farty, which organizes the festival Nuits Sonores and the European Lab Forum—discussion forums on the creative transformations and democratic innovations in Europe—is setting up its Radio Lab in the heart of the exhibition, and inviting a new generation of European thinkers, artists, and entrepreneurs to a debate on the theme of “Metamorphoses.”


19h – 19h45: "Do, see, live the cinema"

With: Valerio Carocci (president of the association Piccolo America, Roma), Agnès Salson (co-founder of the cinema La Forêt Electrique and the project Tour des Cinémas), Jonathan Vinel and Caroline Poggi (filmmakers)

Forms and genres hybridization, pirate productions, communities of spectators engaged in making films and places, the European youth transforms the ways of doing, seeing and living the cinema.

20h – 20h45: "Art, Fashion and Club scene in Georgia, Now"

With: Tato Getia (co-founder and artistic director of the Club Bassiani, Tbilisi), Nika Kutateladze (artist), Irena Popiashvili (dean and founder of the Visual Arts, Architecture & Design School, VA[A]DS, Tbilisi, and co-founder of Kunsthalle Tbilisi) and Irakli Rusadze (founder and creative director of women's ready-to-wear brand SITUATIONIST)

In Georgia, a new generation of creators continues the revolution and the youth dances to remain free. Zoom on a changing country where the creative scene (music, dance, fashion) is incredibly exciting.

21h: Queer saxophonist Bendik Giske's acoustic concert, in a free perambulation in the exhibition Metamorphosis. Art in Europe Now.

Bendik Giske (Norway, Germany) is a queer artist and saxophonist who explores the possibilities of his instrument as well as his own physical abilities as an interpreter. His music, which fuses jazz and electronic, is hypnotic. He does not use any loop effects, plays everything live and in a continuous blast, and his concerts are captivating.

Photo: © Simon Lerat.