Thierry Kuntzel, Abandon (Ne me quitte pas), 1997, Video installation, 248 x 240 cm, Collection of the Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain, Paris (acq. 1997). © Thierry Kuntzel. Picture D.R.

Exhibition overview

Born in 1948, Thierry Kuntzel is one of the foremost figures of video art of his generation. For the Fondation Cartier he has created Nostos III, the third wing of a triptych concerned with the recollection—the forgetting–of the image.

Artists and contributors of the exhibition:
  • Thierry Kuntzel

The exhibition in detail

The subject is a moving journey into the heart of memory, by means of family photos that are subjected to an inexorable movement of decomposition before disappearing altogether. Projected in video into a large screen, these figures illustrate the transient nature of life and the steady flow of time, a central theme of the artist’s work. Thierry Kuntzel’s work introduces us into a fictitious setting where the video image raises questions about perception, dramatizes our system of vision and records the implacable, steady passage of time. Video thus becomes an act of meditation, a pure experience.