Alair Gomes, Sonatinas, Four Feet, n° 42, circa 1977. © Alair Gomes / All rights reserved.

Exhibition overview

Philosopher and art critic, Alair Gomes dedicated himself to creating an immense collection of erotic black and white photographs devoted to the beauty and nudity of the male body. 
Pictures “stolen” on the beach or taken with a telephoto zoom lens from the window of his apartment, then extensively reworked and ordered in sequence according to a rhythm or “visual music” (Symphony of Erotics Icons and Sonatinas, Four Feet), his photographs plot out a fresco on an outstanding visual scale. In it, the athletic bodies of young men evolve on the sand. Unaware—or, pretending to be unaware—that they are being photographed, these bodies attain their ancient grandeur.

Artists and contributors of the exhibition:
  • Alair Gomes