Robert Adams En longeant quelques rivières

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Copublication Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain, Paris / Actes Sud, Arles

French version only

Softback, 15 × 20.5 cm, 96 pages, 28 black-and-white reproductions

Foreword by Richard B. Woodward
Interviews with Constance Sullivan, Thomas Weski, William McEwen, Peter Brown, Eric Paddock

ISBN: 978-2-7427-7131-8

Publication: November 2007

About the publication

Published by the Fondation Cartier pour lart contemporain for the Robert Adams, On the Edge exhibition in 2007, En longeant quelques rivières is the French translation of a group of interviews with the photographer by art historians, photographers, students, writers, and professors (published by Aperture in 2006 as Along Some Rivers). It features all the photographer’s favourite themes: preservation of natural spaces, the artist’s own commitment, and the promise of beauty.

“There aren’t many big rivers in the American West, but there are a satisfying number of washes, creeks, and irrigation ditches, the roots and branches of rivers. Should I, having photographed this landscape, try to talk about it? By what right or obligation? Perhaps only by the privilege of having seen the West when it was more open, so that nothing that has happened since then, no matter how bad, can entirely obscure its promise.”

Robert Adams, foreword to Along some Rivers