Press release

Fabrice Hyber The Valley

Following the exhibitions of Damien Hirst and Sally Gabori, the Fondation Cartier presents a large monographic exhibition devoted to the painting of French artist Fabrice Hyber, bringing together fifty largeformat works, of which some ten pieces especially created for the exhibition. Artist, sower, researcher, entrepreneur, and poet, Fabrice Hyber allows us to see through his canvases a free and lively consciousness.

For a period of over forty years, Fabrice Hyber has sown approximately 300,000 tree seeds in the valley adjoining his family’s farm in the Vendée region of Western France, gradually transforming the fields into forests, and the landscape, into his artwork. It is from this valley, a veritable open-air laboratory, that the artist draws his inspiration. His prolific production—over 20,000 creations, including almost 3,000 paintings— incorporates all areas of life into the field of art, from mathematics to neuroscience, including economics and astrophysics, as well as love, the body and the mutations of the living world. In the artist’s own words: “Art is all the possibilities of the world.”

Painting is the starting point of every idea, containing the essence or seed of any work in progress or future piece, and occupies a primordial place in Fabrice Hyber’s art. On large-format canvases, veritable notebooks on a human scale, Hyber lays down words, draws images, glues objects, invents forms, formulates hypotheses, and associates ideas. Like a blackboard, each canvas offers an image of his thoughts in motion, and as such, illustrates the artist’s fascination with the transformation of the world. Like classrooms in an ideal school, the fifty paintings shown in this exhibition open up spaces where everyone is free to let their thoughts meander, their gaze wander, and endlessly reinvent the possibilities of reality.

Fabrice Hyber, born in Vendée in 1961, studied mathematics before entering the École des Beaux- Arts in Nantes. His creation process develops from drawing and painting into all forms of expression. An artist-entrepreneur, in 1994 he created Unlimited Responsibility, UR, a limited liability company that aims to promote the production and exchange of projects between artists and entrepreneurs.

In 1997, he received the Golden Lion at the Venice Biennale for his television studio project for the French pavilion. He has produced numerous commissions, including the monumental work Artère, in the Parc de La Villette [Paris], dedicated to the memory of AIDS victims and completed in 2006. Transmission is at the heart of Hyber’s work. He taught at the École Nationale Supérieure des Beaux-Arts from 2002 to 2005 and believes “art is the only possibility to learn about the world by having all disciplines interact.”