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Gyuri Extraits, 2020 - a movie by Mariana Lacerda

Gyuri is a documentary exploring the extraordinary life of Claudia Andujar from her origins in the small town of Nagyvárad, Hungary to her work as a photographer and activist in the Brazilian Amazon. Andjuar describes her escape from Nazi-occupied Europe during World War II and her immigration to Brazil, where she begins her career as a photographer. Fascinated by the cultures of Brazil's indigenous peoples, she develops a long-term photographic project devoted to the Yanomami. Living within a Yanomami community, she captures their daily life and rapidly becomes involved in the the struggle for the demarcation of their territory.

With Claudia Andujar, Davi Kopenawa, Carlo Zacquini and Peter Pál Pelbart
47 min

Production: Carol Ferreira, Luiz Barbosa and Marcia Vaz

Photography: Marcelo Lacerda (Amazonia) and Pio Figueiroa (São Paulo)

Direct sound: Gustavo Fioravante

Video editing: Paula Mercedes

Sound editing and soundtrack: O Grivo