Nomadic Night

Nástio Mosquito Respectable Thief

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Performance, video and concert

We are remixers. We are thieves. And then there’s natural selection. We pick up where the last human has left it. We are in the business of making it our own. We are respectable thieves. Nástio Mosquito, excerpt from Respectable Thief

Charismatic and provocative, multimedia artist Nástio Mosquito uses his voice to explore the endless potential of language. Known for powerful visual performances that combine video, music and poetry, Nástio Mosquito puts the identity, nation, faith, citizenship and complex history of colonialism in his native country of Angola under the microscope. His latest performance Respectable Thief looks at the assimilation process and how people and cultures "take ownership of what they need." Nástio Mosquito eloquently and wittily questions the choices people make as well as his own in a mesmerizing onslaught of words and images somewhere between poetry reading and improvised music. A cynical, evocative and philosophical stream of consciousness where Nástio Mosquito paints an equivocal picture of our globalized societies and turns artistic performance into the deadliest of weapons.