Night of Uncertainty

The Night of Junya Ishigami, hosted by Joseph Grima

Location: Fondation Cartier, View access map

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In the presence of Junya Ishigami, and with the participation of Françoise Crémel (research engineer at The National School of Landscape Architecture, Versailles), Elie During (philosopher) and Matthias Schuler (engineer)

A veritable ode to liberty, the exhibition Freeing Architecture demonstrates Junya Ishigami’s remarkable ability to develop his practice beyond the frontiers of savoir-faire and architectural thought. The poetic dimension of his designs is based as much on experimentation as it is on theory, know-how, and technology. Philosophers, architects, engineers, and thinkers come together around Junya Ishigami to explore his universe.

SUCCESS! Tickets for The Night of Junya Ishigami are sold-out but a video screaning will be broadcast live in the exhibition spaces: buy your ticket online.