September, 3rd

Sunday, September 3 at 2:00-6:00 PM

Mille bornes!
Commissioned by the Nomadic Nights and created by Clédat & Petitpierre in the garden of the Fondation Cartier.

With: Olivier Martin-Salvan, Gilles Ostrowsky, Gaétan Vourc’h

In 1954, Edmond Dujardin invented a boardless card game called "Mille bornes" with a simple objective of being the first to reach 1,000 kilometers. Speed limits, running out of gas and flat tires are just some of the obstacles of the race, which was so popular it became a classic.
As part of the exhibition Autophoto at the Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain, Nomadic Nights asked the artists Yvan Clédat and Coco Petitpierre to come up with a life-size version of Mille bornes to play in the garden of the Fondation Cartier. Surrounded by teammates, they are planning a competition complete with jersey numbers, referees and prizes for the winners!

Inspired by the world of car racing and cards from the famous game "Mille bornes", a competition open to the public is taking place in an amusing setting in the garden of the Fondation Cartier. A huge table in the middle will accommodate some 40 players of all ages. Three official referees cast in whacky costumes are there to greet people and invite them to play or just watch from the sidelines. Their job is to keep the games moving, but like the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonderland, they have a few issues with time and fairness. It affects how they referee and the rules change according to their moods. In the end, all the winners go up to the podium to receive a squashed hedgehog, an illustrious trophy to reward the afternoon's champions, inspired by the compressed César film award statuettes.
Yvan Clédat and Coco Petitpierre

Seated show. No assigned seats.
Access for exhibition ticket holders only, within the limit of available seats.
In the event of rain, the Nomadic Night will be canceled.

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Carte du jeu Mille bornes © 1954 - 2017 Dujardin

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