Monday, May 22 at 8:00 PM
Our Friend the Automobile
With: Erik and Harald Thys and the guest appearance by Alain Bublex

The Thys brothers have been fascinated by cars for as long as they can remember. One became an artist, the other a psychiatrist. But they never stopped seeing cars as a shared topic of fun and rumination. In this Nomadic Night, they look back at 50 years of car manufacturing in a conversation that combines films and vintage slides from their vast archive plus falsely naïve comments. From the Peugeot 604 that was supposed to carry a family but whose back end almost touched the ground under the children's weight to the latest ultra-safe high-tech race cars that cross cold desolate landscapes, these two Belgian brothers offer many a comical wink and their own brand of social history through the lens of car making.
This Nomadic Night's special guest is designer and artist Alain Bublex, who will add to their talk by offering an informed perspective on the world of automotive design.

Duration: approx. 75 minutes
Seated show. No assigned seats.
The Nomadic Nights start on time. The entry of the latecomers can be admitted when it does not hinder the running of the show, or can be refused.

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