Friday, May 12 at 8:00 PM
15th Extraordinary Congress: Paris
A performance by Vlatka Horvat

With: Kristina Aleksandrovska, Bojana Bauer, Milena Jaksic, Barbara Matijevic, Jelena Rajak and Mila Turajlic

A Nomadic Night organised as part of Chantiers d’Europe, in partnership with Théâtre de la Ville - Paris.

Six women talk about their native Yugoslavia, a country that doesn't exist anymore.

In every country where the 15th Extraordinary Congress performance plays, Croatian artist and performer Vlatka Horvat invites women who were born or raised in the former Yugoslavia and left it to start a new life somewhere else. The women have a riveting four-hour conversation designed like a Q&A session as they share stories, anecdotes, facts, gossip, thoughts, memories and opinions. The personal and the political intertwine at the discussion table in an attempt to answer the question “What happened?”

For the 15th Extraordinary Congress: Paris I invited six Paris-based women of my generation, all born during socialism in different parts of Yugoslavia – to take part in this project that tries to tell a story of the country in which we all grew up, but which no longer exists. Through a 4-hour exchange improvised inside a rule-based structure, the piece explores our stories – our history and our understanding of things we lived through. Filtered through the lens of memory and forgetting and passed through the performative processes of distortion, misremembering and fictionalization, the piece maps out multiple versions of a complex narrative about a place from six people’s perspectives.
Vlatka Horvat

Duration: 4 hours (including intermission).
Seated show. No assigned seats.
Audience is free to come and go during the performance.

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With the Sky on Their Shoulders (01), 2011. Inkjet photo collage. © Vlatka Horvat


  • Vlatka Horvat - 15e Congrès extraordinaire : Paris

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