Yue Minjun, L’Ombre du fou rire



In November 2012, the Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain presents a major retrospective devoted to the work of the Chinese painter Yue Minjun. The first monographic show of this magnitude ever to be exhibited in Europe, it brings together the artist’s most iconic paintings as well as more than one hundred drawings.

Illustrating almost 130 drawings and paintings presented in the exhibition, the catalog Yue Minjun, L’Ombre du fou rire illuminates the work of the artist by taking an in-depth look at the idiosyncratic iconography he has developed over the past twenty years. It includes significant contributions by the Chinese critic and poet Ouyang Jianghe and the French philosopher and sinologist François Jullien, as well as an interview with Yue Minjun. This exceptional publication enables readers to approach his artwork from new perspectives and to explore the many references to art history and Chinese history which are the sources of his work.

Yue Minjun, L’ombre du fou rire
Publisher: Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain, Paris, 2012
Hardback, 23 x 28.4 cm, 276 pages, 130 black and white and color illustrations
Texts by Ouyang Jianghe and François Jullien
Interview with Yue Minjun
Bilingual version French/English
Distribution outside of France: Thames & Hudson, London—New York
ISBN : 978-2-86925-099-4
Prix: 37 euros

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