Raymond Depardon, 7x3, An Exhibition of Films

13 November 2004 › 27 February 2005

40.00 €

Rio de Janeiro, Shanghai, Tokyo, Berlin, Moscow, Addis Ababa, Cairo: seven cities and the desire to film. In response to a commission by the Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain, Raymond Depardon has turned his gaze to these places which he has, for the most part, already photographed. 7x3, An Exhibition of Films is the first exhibition dedicated to Raymond Depardon’s films, and presents the simultaneous projection of seven films, all shot in 16mm color and projected digitally.
Echoing these seven films, specially produced for the Fondation Cartier, Raymond Depardon presents excerpts of three films which complete this world tour: Prague, his first film, shot in 1969 at the funeral of Ian Palach, the man who set himself on fire to protest the Soviet occupation; New York, NY (1982), which won the César for best short film in 1986; Paris, Gare Saint-Lazare, an excerpt from his film Paris (1998).
“In these cities, there is perhaps a quest for the ideal city, for the ideal moment. The idea was to detach myself from my experience as a professional photographer, as if I were using my camera for the first time. To do whatever I want. To forget what’s happening, to purge. With great freedom… Usually, you’re supposed to have a reason to film. Here, I have no reason to film, just a motivation, an urge, a desire. That’s where this exhibition originated: in the desire to film.” Raymond Depardon, August 23, 2004.

February 11, 2007 – April 1, 2007
Raymond Depardon, Villes/Cities/Städte
Museum für fotografie, Berlin, Germany


  • Addis Ababa, 2004. palmeraie et désert, 2004

  • Berlin, 2004. palmeraie et désert, 2004

  • Cairo, 2004

  • Moscow, 2004. palmeraie et désert, 2004

  • Rio de janeiro, 2004. palmeraie et désert, 2004

  • palmeraie et désert, 2004

  • Tokyo, 2004. palmeraie et désert, 2004

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