tadanori yokoo

The Japanese painter and graphic designer Tadanori Yokoo has painted 110 portraits for the Fondation Cartier’s 30th anniversary. Artists, scientists, writers…: all of the depicted figures are linked to the history of the Fondation Cartier..

Created in diverse pictorial styles, these paintings remind us that behind each work there is a face, a presence and a relationship. They depict the community of artists who make up the "great orchestra" of the Fondation Cartier, and underscore the strong, lasting links forged with each of them, and the fidelity and continuity that have characterized these 30 years of patronage. They tell an alternate story of contemporary art that consider the human dimension and the close relationships established with artists the essential factors in the creation of an artistic program.

« I have painted 110 portraits of artists and important figures who all have a special relationship with the Fondation Cartier, and most of whom I have never met.
I am ashamed of my ignorance because I don’t even know the names nor the works of some of these artists.
The documents supplied by the Fondation Cartier in order to paint these portraits consisted of only one photograph per person.
Whilst concentrating and looking at these photos, an idea of the style corresponding to each person came to me naturally. I thus followed this inspiration.
It was as if the person in question had shown me how to paint, enabling me to free myself from my personal style.
It took me 100 days to finish these portraits.”

Tadanori Yokoo


Tadanori Yokoo
Born in 1936 at Nishiwaki, lives in Tokyo (Japan)

Originally an illustrator and a renowned master of graphic design in Japan, where he created stage sets and costumes for Kabuki theater, Tadanori Yokoo decided to devote himself mainly to painting in 1980, after a visit to a Picasso exhibition in New York. With abundant references in his work to Western painters such as Picabia and Henri Rousseau, he cultivates "a wide variety of genres and methods" and has made eclecticism his main pictorial style.

The Fondation Cartier organized the first European exhibition of Tadanori Yokoo's paintings in 2006, and entrusted him in 2011 with the creation of the poster for the exhibition Mathematics: A Beautiful Elsewhere.


  • Absalon

  • Robert Adams

  • Jean-Michel Alberola

  • Bruce Albert

  • Claudia Andujar

  • Ron Arad

  • Nobu Yoshi Araki

  • Arman

  • Richard Artschawager

  • Matthew Barney

  • Lothar Baumgarten

  • Vincent Beaurin

  • Jean-Pierre Bourguignon

  • Andrea Branzi

  • James Lee Bryars

  • Chris Burden

  • Fredi Casco

  • Michel Cassé

  • Vija Celmins

  • César

  • Gilberto Chateaubriand

  • Robert Combas

  • Alain Connes

  • Marc Couturier

  • Fei Dawei

  • Wim Delvoye

  • Thomas Demand

  • Raymond Depardon

  • Gérard Deschamps

  • William Eggleston

  • Enzo Ferrari

  • Gérard Garouste

  • Jean-Paul Gaultier

  • Nan Goldin

  • Misha Gromov

  • Cai Guo-Qiang

  • Raymond Hains

  • David Hammons

  • Gary Hill

  • Ibâ

  • Shirley Jaffe

  • Rinko Kawauchi

  • Seydou Keita

  • William Kentridge

  • Jacques Kerchache

  • Bodys Isek Kingelez

  • Takeshi Kitano

  • Davi Kopenawa

  • Sergueï Krikalev

  • Guillermo Kuitca

  • Liza Lou

  • David Lynch

  • John Maeda

  • Macha Makeieff

  • Enzo Mari

  • Jivya Soma Mashe

  • Isabel Mendes

  • Alessandro Mendini

  • Joan Mitchell

  • Beatriz Milhazes

  • Yue Minjun

  • Issey Miyake

  • Moëbius

  • Daido Moriyama

  • Ron Mueck

  • Juan Muñoz

  • Takashi Murakami

  • Yukio Nagawa

  • Marc Newson

  • Jean Nouvel

  • Nino

  • Hans-Ulrich Obrist

  • J D'Okhai Ojeikere

  • Jean-Michel Othoniel

  • Tony Oursler

  • Panaramenko

  • Artavazd Pelechian

  • Artavazd Pelechian

  • Giuseppe Penone

  • Bernard Piffaretti

  • Jean-Pierre Raynaud

  • Lou Reed

  • Robots

  • Thomas Ruff

  • Chéri Samba

  • Elisabeth Diller and Ricardo Scofidio

  • Alain Sechas

  • Malik Sibidé

  • Patti Smith

  • Pierrick Sorin

  • Hiroshi Sugimoto

  • Sarah Sze

  • Tabaimo

  • Juergen Teller

  • Wolfgang Tillmans

  • James Turrell

  • Andrei Ujica

  • Agnès Varda

  • Adriana Varejao

  • Véio

  • Cédric Villani

  • Bill Viola

  • Paul Virilio

  • Leslie Wayne

  • Wilfred Thesiger

  • Lebbeus Woods

  • Yokoo

  • Huang Yong Ping

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