A film by Diller Scofidio + Renfro, Mark Hansen, Laura Kurgan and Ben Rubin based on an idea by Paul Virilio, 2008-2012, 21 min 40.
Created for the exhibition Native Land, Stop Eject, 2008 (original version screened at 360°). Collection Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain.

“The maps presented in Exit were produced using data up to an including the year 2008. Since then, the situations described in each scenario have only intensified. In 2013, greenhouse gas emissions increased to 39.6 billion tons of carbon dioxide equivalent, the highest level reached to date…


This figure has struck a chord with numerous climatologists who fear that global warming will reach an average of 4°C by 2100, far from the 2°C goal set in Copenhagen in 2009. Since the end of World War II, the number of forced migrants has never been as high as it is now: as of the end of 2013, 51 million people are displaced around the world by war and violence. This number includes 17 million refugees and 33 million internally displaced persons. Additionally, 22 million people were displaced due to natural disasters in 2013. There are over 215 million international migrants and 700 million national migrants today; one in seven people is no longer living in their hometown. In 2012, the amount of migrant remittances is an estimated $529 billion. The rate of deforestation has also continued to rise, threatening countless endangered languages. In September 2014 in New York, 32 countries committed to cutting this rate in half by 2020, though Brazil was not one of them.”

François Gemenne, chercheur en science politique, spécialiste des questions de géopolitique de l’environnement, conseiller scientifique de l’exposition Terre Natale, Ailleurs commence ici (2008), octobre 2014.


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