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The place for pluralism, multiculturalism and diverse points of view, TV5MONDE, the leading global general-interest channel in French, is a natural partner of the exhibition Histoires de voir: Show and Tell, whose theme is perfectly suited to our editorial maxim: ‘Show here what’s going on there, show there what’s going on here.’


Le Figaro

Trois Couleurs
For five years, Trois Couleurs has made it a matter of honour to communicate cultural trends and news from a different point of view. The magazine is dedicated to making lesser-known cultural dynamics and productions accessible to the general public. It is therefore natural that we join the Fondation Cartier pour l’art contemporain and the exhibition Histoires de voir: Show and Tell with a shared desire to bring to the fore exceptional artists who present us with a new vision of contemporary art.

France Culture
Radio for all territories and all schools of thought, every year France Culture supports numerous cultural and scientific events of worth, broadcasting directly from the site. Broadcasts can be heard live and listened to again or downloaded as a podcast on

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